Puppy Love Part 5 | Georgia Willis

Our Heroes come to an agreement in part 5 of Georgia Willis’ shape shifting epic.

Puppy Love: Part 5

Georgia Willis

To the Nines Part 5

Fear radiated off me with a sickeningly arid stench. The arrow lodged in my arm produced a dull ache compared to the pounding in my chest.

How did she find us?

Why did she shoot her pet?

I had assumed she wanted me dead so that he would return to her. But as I ran away, I heard the man I loved fall to the ground. He died to protect me, even after all he had inflicted upon this world. He would always be a hero in my eyes.

I ran till the sun came up, finally slowing beside a quiet stream. My body shook with exhaustion and blood loss. This arrow needed to come out. Sitting up against a tree I braced myself as I snapped the back of the arrow off; and used an fallen branch to bite down on as I pulled the shaft from my arm. The entire exercise leaving me dizzy and tired. It wasn’t safe to sleep now, and I tried to get up. But my legs ignored the order. I had pushed myself too far. I felt my consciousness slipping as an old woman walked into view. She smiled sadly at me. I tried to growl, but all that came out was a soft whimper. She stalked closer as the darkness swallowed me.

I gasped awake, shocked to find myself in a cluttered old cottage.

“Hush dear, you’re safe”

The old woman from the forest sat in a large arm chair, knitting. I looked at my arm, to find it neatly bandaged, the pain down to a low simmer.

“How long have I been out?”

“Three days” she replied not looking up.

We sat in silence for a few minutes before she placed down her knitting.

“Have you mated with him?” the woman asked curiously. I felt my cheeks begin to burn, that was a sensitive subject. I opened my mouth to reply when a howl sounded outside. I gasped softly. I knew that howl. She smiled at me and looked towards the door.

“He’s your soul mate you know” she said as I got up. Without a second though I raced out of the cottage and toward the sound, howling myself as I went.

We both skidded to a stop when we found each other. The crazy grin I had grown to love was plastered on his face.

“You’re alive!” he beamed

“How did you escape?” I asked walking towards him slowly. His grin grew. He reached into his pocket and whipped out a soup spoon.

“I found my spoon” he said ecstatic.

A short barked laugh escaped my lips, tears brimming around my eyes. We stood in silence a few feet apart and I knew what the woman had said was true, he was my soul mate. As I stepped into his embrace, spoon gripped tightly in his hand I knew that the secret of the spoon would never be revealed to me, but I didn’t care. He was here now.

I felt him go stiff around me.

“It won’t be over till she’s dead” he whispered

“I know” I replied sombrely, either she would die, or we would. This world was not big enough for both of us.