Alexander: 1917 | Nick Lachmund

Empire rise. Empire fall.

Alexander: 1917

By Nick Lachmund

For The Brevity Is What? Award


As the people starve in the streets and are slaughtered in a foreign war, the House of Romanov sleeps soundly. Nicholas the Bloody seems indifferent to the stench of death and starvation that covers his country. But soon that will change. The workers are following our lead and taking to the streets. Our Emperor’s buildings burn and his soldiers continue to join our movement. Nicholas must stand down or his blood will be shed. Three-hundred years of Romanov tyranny is coming to an end. The people have spoken.

Barely eight months have passed since we freed the masses from Romanov rule. But the tide has turned. The workers have found a new voice. A revolutionary has filled them with a desire for change. He preaches about a workers’ state, free of landlords and capitalists. They blindly follow his direction like sheep to a herder. I am left with only a few willing to fight for my Government. I barely escaped from their forces when they came. And now, as I face the prospect of exile, I have to watch the Bolsheviks assume power. I believe my motherland may be doomed. The people have spoken.