Message in a Bottle | Nikki Ah Wong

Look at the sky. What do you see?

Message In A Bottle

By Nikki Ah Wong

For The Brevity Is What? Award



The bottle Manfred found was translucent, but hard as rock. The paper he pulled from it was thin but durable. The writing was surprisingly neat. Manfred read the message.

My name is Titus and I am not one of them. I was kidnapped from Rome when I was seventeen. I am still seventeen. It is a quirk of space that I have been with them for three thousand Earth years and it has been three days here. How I miss earth.
They have been watching for all that time. Planning to attack. There were ten thousand craft ready to go when I came, but now there are so many they defy any reckoning. Every person on every ship is looking for a new home. They have chosen Earth.
From here our beloved planet looks like a swirling precious stone, smooth and round and vulnerable. I can’t do anything. Nor can the others stolen from our planet. We have no way of stopping it.
I am so sorry. They come in just a few hours, a hundred years on Earth. Please warn everyone. Please.
Good luck. Titus 2 Dec 1915.

Manfred looked up. The sky was filled with a billion lights.

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