Short Story Winner Announcement: IOMF? Award

The IOMF Award saw four authors go head to head in a longer format. This year we’ve been focusing on fiction under 1000 words, but it’s nice to see some longer stories now and then, keeps the judges on their toes!

Speaking of judges, let’s see what they had to say…

Judge’s Comments

I asked on of our judges this time around how they interpreted their criteria. Here’s what they said:

I look at in judging is the brief, entertainment value and then writing style. The entertainment value of most short listed stories is fairly high and subject to personal opinion, so I rate this the lowest criteria among the three. But it becomes important if I am trying to distinguish between two stories which are close in every other criteria. 

The writing style comes next. If there are obvious grammatical or expression errors which jar the reading I will note it and it will effect the final scoring of the stories. That said, If one story is more entertaining than another but has multiple grammatical errors, I will privilege the other story.

Finally, the most important criteria is adherence to the brief. I will look at how well the author addressed all aspects of the task and how original their interpretation of the task.


Winner Announcement

In third place, an author who’s made waves lately at NITH, well done to the author of ‘Sun, Moon & Talia,’ Charlie Novak.

Second place goes a NITH mainstay. It wouldn’t be a short list if she didn’t feature in it. Well done to Clarissa NG for her story, “She came in with the rain.”

In first place, a big congratulations to the enigmatic Joey To, for his great story “To Shoot or Not to Shoot.”

To the victor go the spoils.

Special mention to Maya Spore who came in a tight fourth by half a point!

There’s plenty more comps coming up so keep your eyes on the prize and enjoy the process of creating great fiction!