{Due 9 Aug 2015) Engineers and their achievements are often overlooked in modern fiction. It’s time to correct that. A writing contest with structural integrity.


A Big Technology Writing Contest




(Borrowed from Writing Prompts for Science Fiction Stories)

Short List & Winner Announcement

Only one story made the cut, congrats to Wally Nadir. Read his story.

Writing Prompt

For this writing prompt envision a large, technological construction. A rocket, an arcology, a space colony, a luxury ship, or the Death Star.
Now write about it from the perspective and experiences of an engineer, mechanic, or service person*

You will need to find ways to maintain and create drama without getting lost on the technical details.

*Could be an alien or robot too.

Short Story Contest Guidelines

Follow the guidelines as best as you can, but don’t be afraid to express your creativity and challenge the rules and requirements.

  • Due Date

    All stories due in no later than 9 August 2015

  • Word Count

    No more than 550 of your highly engineered, perfectly crafted words.

  • Prizes

    First place – 5000 words edited by members of the NiTH team.
    All short listed authors recieve feedback from the judges by request.

Story Requirements

  • Characters

    One of your characters needs to be questioning the existence of their soul. Bonus points if they are a redhead**
    **Points don’t matter.

  • Setting

    See the writing prompt for more on the setting. Basically it has to be a great engineering construction of some kind. This is a Science Fiction themed award, but it doesn’t have to bet set in space or even the future. Just something big, engineered, amazing.

  • Special Requirements

    {Email Excerpt}
    Talia: Well I think there’s probably enough of that already.
    Martin: Ok…
    Talia: How about something written in chalk on a steel girder
    Martin: Nice one!

    Have something written in chalk on a steel girder.

Entry Format

Include the title, author name and contest name like this


by Author Name


Where Do I Enter?

Enter at our Submissions page.

NiTH’s major award for 2016 is up now. Make sure you check it out!

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