Pay What You Can Writing Workshops

Want to learn stuff but you’re broke (Thanks GFC). Never fear, discovering cheap writing courses is as easy as finding a needle in a haystack.*

*That’s a pun. Cause we’re called Needle In The Hay. Actually it is much easier than that.

‘Pay What You Can’ Writing Workshops

@ NiTH

We think writing courses are important!

We also know how expensive they can be.

What if a person’s access to education and training wasn’t predicated by their financial status. That’s why we are bringing you short learning courses with a difference. Pay What You Can writing courses at NiTH. We want to shake up the writing scene, and we want to do it together.

Instead of paying upfront for the course, join our Patreon Campaign and pledge what you can for the first month. Not only will you get to do the course of your choosing, but you’ll receive all those sweet benefits from the Patreon as well. Oh yeah!

Simply find a course below that offers PWYC, follow the prompts and you are good to go.

Course attendees can also book as a group, follow the instructions on the individual course page.

How It Works

Signing up for out PWYC courses is easy.

  1. Find a course that suits you
  2. Sign up for the course and pledge to our Patreon Campaign.
  3. You’ll receive your course materials prior to the nominated start time. 
  4. Complete within flexible time frames.
  5. Access to 1-on-1 instruction available.

Available Courses

Courses eligible for PWYC change reguarly, check back later if the course you’re after isn’t available.

Introduction To WriteUp

Learn how to create and maintain positive writing habits with this skills based course that includes writing a short stories in the genre of your choosing. 

The Multi-Narrative Novel – Ensembles, Linked Stories, & Serial Fiction

Learn how to create dazzling stories involving multiple points of view.

Mastering Flash Fiction Writing Course

Flash is the building block of great fiction. Discover the techniques for mastering brevity with an active voice.

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