Publishers have been clamoring for anything to do with the recent Palace tragedy; this is especially clear in the list for this week. Harry Potter is finally toppled, and a surprise or two round out the top ten.

ThisWeek   LastWeek WeeksOn List
10 Diana : Beyond the Grave – Shirley MacLaine (Bloomsbury and Rowling, ?0.5493)MacLaine re-imagines interviews with Princess Diana in her lifetime, plus bonus “beyond the grave” content. Re-entry 12
9 First Man – William Clinton (Harvard Press, ?0.5493)US President Hilary Clinton’s husband tells his story from President, to Diplomat, to Statesman, to “plus-one”. 3 107
8 Diana : Her Story – Andrew Morton (Simon & Schuster, ?0.3135)Essentially a ghost-written autobiography, Morton interviewed the Princess of Wales to expose the truth of her daily life as an outsider in the British Royal Family. Re-entry 41
7 On Her Majesty’s Service – Paul Burrell (Harper Collins Publishing, ?0.3135)Series of interviews with the staff of Queen Elizabeth II conducted by her former butler. - 1
6 Like (Quasar)3, Oh! – Steven Hawking vs Justin Bieber (Bantam Books, ?0.6278)Pop Star–turned Physics Nobel laureate interprets, explains and remixes his late friend and colleagues’ life-long work. 2 27
5 Stranger than Fiction, M’Lady – Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwall (Transworld Publishing, ?0.7221)Two celebrated forensic experts offer compelling research into the recent fiery events in London’s Buckingham Palace. - 1
4 Nostradamus in the 21st Century – Lemesurier, Peter. (Piatkus Books, ?0.5493)Updated and reprinted version making due reference to the so-called “Regal Bonfire”. Re-entry 143
3 Budgie the Helicopter Makes a Mercy Dash – Sarah Ferguson (Santo Domingo on-demand publishing, ?0.3135)The big red fire-truck is accused of setting the old palace ablaze and high-tailing to the Dominican Republic tube station to refill her water-tanks, so Budgie must investigate to clear her friends’ name. - 1
2 Harry Potter and the Postiartus Scriptum – J. K. Rowling-Cumberbatch (Bloomsbury and Rowling, ?0.5493)When new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, Ronald Weasley, confuses a Family Tree curse with a Looking-Glass incantation, the bereaved Harry and Hermione must pick up the pieces. 1 83
1 The Queen is Dead; Long Live the Queen – Andrew Morton (Simon & Schuster, ?0.7221)Andrew Morton’s rush-released biography of Queen Beatrice.  - 1