Snatcher by Nathan Boole

KAX5423 woke in an alley and immediately went into uncontrollable spasms. His arms thrashed, legs kicked, and teeth gnashed together. It hurt.

Your first few minutes in your new human body may be disorienting and uncomfortable.

The training manual’s description had been far too vague, he decided. He slowly gained enough control to curl his body into a ball, and he lay like that on the ground for a while, waiting for the shivering to stop.

Once the effects of Transference wear off, you will be ready to explore the exciting possibilities of the Human Female body you now control!

KAX5423 rolled onto his belly, shoved himself up onto two of his limbs while using the other two for balance. The front limbs weakened and gave out, and he rolled onto his side again.

He spent some time on his back, slowly moving one limb after another through its full range of motion.

The Human Body, though woefully primitive, has enough limbs to allow it to function as an individual, and to provide it with some rudimentary locomotion.

KAX5423 wobbled to his feet, tried to put down his other seven legs for balance, then fell over and remembered he didn’t have them. He stood again and tottered forward, then stopped in front of a bag. On the bag was a sign, written in the Human language English. It said, “Starter Kit.”

KAX5423 opened the bag and pulled out a set of human clothes and a cylinder labelled “Wet Wipes.”

KAX5423 looked down at himself. His naked body was covered in dust. There was blood on one leg, and something sticky on his left breast.

He shivered as he painstakingly cleaned away the dirt with the cold wet wipes. Then he began to fumble with the clothes. He recalled the training and managed, barely, to dress himself.

There was another bag in front of him, smaller, with a long strap attached to it. The sign on it said, “Original Belongings.”

KAX5423 picked it up and hung it from his shoulder where it instantly became an annoyance.

The Human brain, fortunately, is malleable and advanced beyond the level of the body. You will have little trouble accessing memories and implanted tutorials once you are situated in your new body.

KAX5423 realized his name was Jenny. The memories from earlier in Jenny’s day flooded into his mind, and between those and the sensory input from the body he was once again overwhelmed. He stood, frozen, for two minutes.

When it was over, he began to feel–she began to feel–finally, a sense of belonging in herself. KAX5423 let go a bit and started to become Jenny.

Once you have assimilated into the body, it is time to resume the human’s normal life and begin your exciting new mission!

Jenny stepped out of the alley onto the city sidewalk, wondered how she had gotten there, and experienced a brief Memory Overlap Paradox where she remembered being attacked by several masked men and thrown into a van, and also remembered sitting in the Transference room on the Mother Ship, watching as the Human Female was Appropriated.

“Hey lady, got a quarter?”

Jenny started and turned to face the threat. It was an old man holding out his hand. Jenny opened her mouth to warn him off, but the strange muscles in her throat constricted and the sound that came out was something like, “Gleeeeeeruuuuuuuuuup!”

The old man’s eyes widened, and he turned and fled back the way he had come.

Jenny focused on her knowledge of English and let the implanted speech tutorial retrain the KAX5423 part of her mind. Then she raised her right hand into the air and shouted, “Taxi!”


By the time she got home, it was much later than she usually returned from work. Still, Jenny felt better now, and she got out of the taxi and walked to the front door of her loft without tripping.

She unlocked it and went in. Jim was watching TV on the sofa. He turned to look at her. “Did you get cottage cheese? I left a voicemail.”

“Oh. Sorry, no, my phone ran out of battery.” She sighed. “I had a really long day at the office.”

“Okay. I’ll pick some up tomorrow. Sorry you had a long day. If you come over here I’ll rub your feet and you can tell me about it.”

Jenny shut the door behind her, took off her shoes, and went to sit on the couch with Jim.

“Honey?” she said.


“You remember how we talked about having kids one day? When we were a little more secure with our finances?”

Remember, it is never too soon to begin accomplishing your mission objectives!

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  1. I love you writing style in general, but honestly I didn’t get this piece. Maybe bc I’m a woman, but the ending was confusing. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Totally awesome! After watching “Falling Skies” this kind of made perfect sense to me! LOL Excellent job. Really felt like I was watching the whole thing happen. I wondered how much more mileage you could get if you kept at it a bit more. Great work.

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