Wicked Games | Sachin Sharma

An amnesiac homeless girl accepts the invitation to a Halloween party with the hope of tracing her past.


Wicked Games

Sachin Sharma

The Spooky Jelly Award


In a Dracula cape and torn ACDC tee, she wasn’t a regular guest at Chris’ party. Holding her wine glass, she stared outside the window. Unlike others, she did not come here to lose herself, but to find some food.

Chris Ivans, the music industry heartthrob and baritone, had organised a Halloween bash. Only this year it was 3 months before the season, a dry run before the actual thing. The hall was full of characters from nightmarish B-movies. Mutilated and gory bodies were moving in the hall like debris on a sea shore. The MC, with an axe cut through his head, announced. “And now, Chris to sing his favourite.”

An applause followed.

She kept looking outside. Others approached the stage where Chris, dressed like Frankenstein’s monster, was adjusting the mic.

The guitar, with a bent string, tickled a note that invited everyone to sing along.

“The world was on fire… And no one could save me, but you…”

She turned her head to the voice. She adjusted a strand of unruly hair blocking her view.  Chris was looking into her dreary eyes from the stage afar.

“It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do.”

Her bare left foot moved ahead, revealing the tattoo. The tattoo of a Yak, the Tibetan animal, and alphabets inked under. Her ankles reflected the yellow light as she walked towards the stage.

“I’d never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you”


With her upper body inside the trash bin, she was scavenging for food. That was how Chris first saw her — standing on her toes, bare feet with her prominent ankles visible underneath her Dracula cape. The yak from the tattoo stared at him. The leather pants contoured the long, lean and strong legs, like of a ballet dancer.

“No, I… don’t want to fall in love”

As she pulled herself out of the bin, breadcrumbs and chips were stuck in her curly hair. She had won a half eaten pizza slice. She picked the trash from her hair with a glum face. A time travelling gothic queen. The black ring that pierced her lower lip, guarded her lips like a serpentine. Her face had a permanent pout inviting a kiss.

“No, I… don’t want to fall in love”

Unaware of the world around her she was finishing the pizza, as if she was making love to it. The cheese smeared on her lips like a salty lipstick. And Chris wanted to lick that cheese off those lips.

“No, I don’t want to fall in love…With you”

He knew he had to prepone this year’s Halloween party to invite this special guest.