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What Is Needle In The Hay

NiTH – as it’s affectionately known – is a weekly writing contest that offers feedback as prizes. Every week we release contests that prompt the author to write about a particular theme, circumstance or character within fairly short word limits.

Each Tuesday we post the short list and our volunteer judges score them out of 10.0 and provide feedback on what they liked or disliked. Every short listed author receives feedback and the winner also receives a prize.

What Are The Prizes?

Currently the standard prize is a professional edit and feedback on up to 5000 words of original material. We currently have a Patreon Campaign with reward milestones that will increase prizes for participants and winners. If you wanna see more prizes at NiTH (and get some pretty cool rewards in the process) then why not check it out.

How Do The Awards Fit Into Getting Published?

We see the NiTH Contests as a way for authors to cut their teeth in a fast, friendly, low pressure environment. From there, we offer digital workspaces and ideas for authors to collaborate on projects. We are not a traditional publisher, we generally don’t commission works and we don’t take earnings from writers, instead we put authors and artists at front and centre, and split earnings only with the people involved in the project.

So How Do I Submit A Story?

We now accept prose submissions through the submissions page. If it your first time under the new format then you will have to register, so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Follow the prompts to submit your story. Make sure you include

  • The title of the story
  • An image as your avatar or title page. (If want to use a previous image, leave it blank)
  • The name of the competition you’re entering in the body of the text

If you have any issues, contact us via (Needleinthehaywritingcomp @ or on Twitter or Facebook.

Simple Stuff To Remember

All pieces must be originals written to the criteria of the award. Original means you haven’t submitted it anywhere else, and it was not written prior to the release of the award. Authors retain copyright of their pieces.

Reading and Commenting

Needle In The Hay relies on an active readership.  As a reader, you can contribute by viewing the submissions in the current short list, then commenting and sharing in favour of the ones you like.


If you feel like you would make a good judge send a brief email outlining why. You don’t have to be working in literature, just  have a burning desire to give to the community.

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2 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines

  1. Hi,

    I belong to a small local writing group that meets once a month. All my work and that of the group members are original and most of my stories are less than 2000 words. They cover a large range of subjects and I was wondering if I would qualify to join NiTH

    Ray Abinett


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