ATTN: Leila Simmons

DIVISION: Scripting and Story Concept

RE: Sun, Moon, and Talia

FROM: A. Watson

To Leila Simmons,

Thank you very much for forwarding me your ideas. I agree that this story concept shows promise. However, it is still a rough draft, and elements of it may need revision. In particular I would like you to think on ways to add more conflict into the story. It is one of our mottos here at Interactive Fairytales™ that every good fairy-tale comes with a good villain. I do like the way in which this concept deals with the “villain” of the story, showing that everything is not always as it may originally appear. Even so, I think that there are instances in the story where there could be greater conflict between the characters.

The option of playing the game from a variety of perspectives is an interesting one. However, the added time and cost of producing the game in this way will need to be considered, as it would be like producing three of our regular games. With this in mind, I would like your team to present some alternative ways to achieve a high level of player immersion following only one perspective.

I will organise a meeting next week, where can discuss the idea in greater detail.

Yours truly,

A. Watson.