Read some of the great things writers have to say about NiTH.

Needle in The Hay is a great platform for aspiring and emerging writers. It offers a supportive environment to learn from each other. I formed long-lasting friendships with a couple of members, and their feedback for my debut novel had been invaluable.
Clarissa Goenawan (N G) - author of Rainbirds, winner of the 2015 BATH novel Award (UK), published in 2017 with Soho Press.
"Needle In The Hay is a wonderful place for new and experienced writers to learn and develop the craft of writing, form communities, and gain inspiration and motivation."
- Sarah Henry, Author of Strange Ones
"The editing work I receive from Martin and the NiTH team has always proven to boost the overall calibre of my writing. Before submitting to literary competitions or publications I seek their constructive feedback, which I’ve found to be insightful, enriching and enhancing."
- Jesse John Brand, Writer and APS National Champ 2016.
"I couldn't be happier with my relationship to Needle In The Hay. I've always been passionate about writing, but NiTH has helped me grow in confidence and discover my voice "
- Charlotte Cross, author of Strange Days Volume 1.
"Since joining NiTH I have written more frequently and picked up many useful writing tips. Their weekly competitions serve as incredible brain exercises and a great source of motivation – the more I write, the better I get, the more motivated I feel. The judges’ constructive feedbacks have helped me so much in recognising my weaknesses and strengths in writing. The collaborations have been very enjoyable where we all got a chance to write our hearts out and experience what it takes to produce quality works that collate into one final publication. Thank you, NiTH, for providing us with a place where writers can learn, create, and simply have fun."
- Cam Dang, author of The Party
"In giving feedback on fiction, Martin has a great way of highlighting the bits that are working well, before digging in deeply on the bits that could do with more work. He has a keen eye for plausibility, logic and identifying what is and is not essential to a story. Martin’s feedback invites the author to ask the hard question: ‘Why should readers care about this story?’ His in-depth knowledge of narratological devices means Martin is able to ask questions that help the writer pinpoint what sections need shaving off and what sections need a little more filling in, in order to create a well-rounded story that readers want to keep turning the page for."
- Chloe Higgins, Director - Wollongong Writers Festival
I first met Martin through his fantastic short story competition, Needle in the Hay. Over a period of months we ended up meeting up for a few beers to chat about an idea I'd had--starting a fiction ezine called Grimdark Magazine. Martin was a great sounding board to work with to come up with ideas on driving traffic and monetising the Grimdark Magazine website. If you're looking to run a project and need somebody to provide experience and sound advice, Martin's the guy you want on your team.
- Adrian Collins, Grimdark Magazine
Many thanks to Martin.. so glad to have found Needle in the Hay. I am an accomplished award winning poet but am still pretty new to short fiction writing. I needed a boost and some insight and took a chance on Martin. So glad I did. I am going to have him edit the rest of my short stories now and seek publication of my first short story collection. Great work! Thanks a million!
- Melanie Simms, Author, Remember the Sun (Sunbury Press)