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I receive The Dead’s email newsletter and as usual there was some pretty far out stuff in it. If you don’t know about The Dead, they are a cult that believes the way to spiritual enlightenment is to take superhuman doses of LSD and other hallucinogens. Here are some of the best stories from this issue:

I trekked out deep into the North Californian National Park and found a beautiful redwood to sit under. It was one of the tallest trees left, about 65 feet tall. I sat down against the base in my sleeping bag, nature all around me. I took a strong dose of pure. I don’t want to get into dose amounts and all that stuff but it was a lot. I sat back and as it started to hit I concentrated on relaxing and tuning into the energy of the nature around me. Things were going well and soon I felt like I was part of the forest. I lost track of time. I felt open, I felt love, I felt revitalised.

When I started coming down it was night. I wasn’t hungry so I thought I’d only been tripping for a day, maybe a day and a night. I felt my face, I had about two weeks stubble. I hadn’t eaten for two weeks and I wasn’t even hungry. I stood up and felt strong. I walked down to the river to bathe and that was when I first looked at my body. At the start of the trip I was about fifty pounds overweight and didn’t have much muscle at all. My body had transformed. Washboard abs and strong hard muscle. I had gained the body of an athlete. I still had the connection to the forest after the trip. It could feel it for about two months. During that time I didn’t eat or drink. My body kept it’s new lean and muscular appearance. One day, after those two months, the connection faded and then broke. That day I developed a normal hunger and I knew it was time to go home. I wonder if my new body will stay the same.
– Walt Bronski, California

And here’s another one…

I am writing this entry from another person’s body. Of course that person is me just like every person is me and we are all one, and of course the body is just an illusion made up of pictures, sounds and sensations, but for the sake of this entry I will use that language. What happened was this: I found a new Ayahuasca dealer who promised me the stuff he had was from a new super strong strain of caapi straight out of a pharma lab in Zurich. He sold me enough for ten trips, he said. Keeping with the words of The Dead, more is more, I took it all in one hit. It came on stronger than usual. I was visited by what to me looked like a green fairy, who showed me how to see a golden staircase by squinting my eyes in a special way. I started to follow him up the staircase when I looked back and saw my body still sitting on the couch.

We continued up the staircase for what felt like a long time but it was not tiring. After some time I saw stars around us. We emerged onto what I assume was the astral plane. It isn’t something I can describe in words. I stayed here for what felt like a long time, exploring. Then I saw another staircase. I started to descend and eventually found myself in a house I had never seen before. I kept going and at the base of the staircase was a man sitting at a computer typing. I stood next to him and felt a pull towards him. I went with it and kind of fell into his body (hard to explain). I found I could control him like it was my own body. I got up and walked around. I sat back down and logged into my emails and am typing this. I don’t know if he can see or feel what is happening. I don’t know if I will be able to leave this body, but I think I will be able to. I don’t know what will happen when I try and if I can, when I do. I am going to press send now. If you receive this email then this experience was not just a vision. Wish me luck.
– Imran Stervan

Pretty wild stories. I’d take them with a grain of salt. I’ve seen wasters who used to be in The Dead. Some guys have about enough brain cells left to wipe their ass. Other guys who tell stories like this but are full of shit. Then there are the guys who believe they’ve had these experiences and are just crazy. Or hell, the whole thing could just be a hallucination. Drugs damaging their brains so much they are just hallucinating for the rest of their lives.