The seasoning is almost upon us.
– Insidious voice in your head.

The Holiday Seasoning Award

Writing Prompt

Write horror story about ’The Seasoning’, an event that is to occur over the holidays with horrific / comedic results.
It could be an annual event, or ‘The Seasoning’ could be tied to the moon, The Mayan Calendar, or some other esoteric cycle, but it should be appropriately horrific, if not slightly comedic.


Horror / Gore / Comedy (Other genres are welcome provided they make use of horror in some way).

Word Count

Up to 800 of your most insidious, disturbed, maybe a little bit zany words.

Due Date

Sunday 6th of December 2015. There is no time zone restrictions. As long as it is Sunday somewhere then you can enter.


First prize receives 5000 words feedback from NiTH team on a story or manuscript of your choosing.

All entries received feedback from judges by request.

Entry Format

Please read carefully!

Include a cover image. Ensure that you own the rights to that image or that you have permission, or that the image carries a free license. Make the filename of the image the name of your story.

Also include:


Author name

(Optional) Intro – 150 characters

How do I submit?

You can submit your story here.