THE MISERY Fiction Writing Competition

THE MISERY Fiction Writing Contest


A new competition with a focus on something horrific and a word limit of 600. Submissions due 19 June. Thanks to Mark Kanera for the idea. Check the guidelines for more details.


Contest Guidelines

Writing Prompt

Note: The writing prompt for this fiction writing competition first appeared in Writing Prompts For Horror Stories

Continue this story:

“Good, you’re awake. I’ve prepared something special for you while you were sleeping. Let me just remove that blindfold. There we go. Now you can see my creation perhaps you’d like me to put the blindfold back on.”

Due Date

Entries are due 19 June for a 26 June winner announcement.

Word Count

Maximum 600 words. The writing prompt should appear near the start of our story, but is exempt from the word count. Some of the writing prompt words can be changed. See the special requirements section below.



What Is The Character Limit?

A minimum of three characters should be in this story. Not all characters have to appear ‘in story’.

Where Should It Be Set?

Set it in a woodland, desert, rural or remote location.

Are There Any Special Requirements?

You are allowed to change up to five words in the writing prompt to make it more in line with your story. Beyond that, there are no further special requirements for this fiction writing competition.

Check out our recent Judges Roundtable for a bit of insight into what our judges look for.

Entry Format

Include the title, author name and contest name like this


by Author Name

For the AWARD NAME Contest

Where Do I Enter?

You can enter at our Entries page. Make sure you adhere to all the guidelines before you submit. If you think you’ve done something wrong, you can resubmit the story without penalty, provided it’s before the due date.


The winner will receive up to 5000 words of a manuscript or short story edited by two of NiTH’s awesome editors.


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