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The Neighboring…

Joey To

The My Neighbour TL:DR Award

To: [email protected]
Subject: I haven’t run away! (1)

I’m not sure whether this will get to you but I swear I’m not running away.

Technically, I’m still standing in our neighbor’s backyard. Except I don’t where that is.

You know how the Burtts put up the stupid Christmas tree with all the lights even though it’s October? I always thought they were nice people, so when I saw the lights blinking erratically and smelled something burning, I thought it may be a prank and followed the power cord to the back. The backdoor wasn’t locked. (I didn’t want to simply flip the switch on their meter.)

Once inside, I pulled the plug but the lights stayed on. Next, I felt rumbling. I went outside to find the house and yard had lifted off. The entire property was in some sort of bubble; I could see the vapors or whatever around the bubble as the whole thing rushed into the air.

Within maybe a minute, I was in freaking space! Earth has already disappeared from view.
I know this sounds lame but just because we had an argument doesn’t mean I’ve run away.

Subject: I haven’t run away! (2)

I checked the house. The fridge is on and I can light the stove. There is water coming out of the taps. Maybe somehow the house is still connected. But no phones. There’s no signal.

I can’t recognize the stars so I don’t know where I am. For all I know, I’m in the neighboring galaxy. One particular dot is getting brighter.

Although I feel bad going through other people’s stuff, I must check. There must be a clue as to what’s going on.

Subject: I haven’t run away! (3)

Nothing out of the ordinary in the house. No diaries or notebooks lying around.

Good news is that there’s plenty of canned soup and instant noodles. Even without rationing, I can last a few months as long as the water supply is not cut off.

Bad news (or is it?) is that that one particular star is definitely getting bigger and brighter. It seems that’s where I’m headed. And fast.

Subject: I haven’t run away! (4)

You must think I’ve ran off. If I have, then I wouldn’t write this. But then again, you may not get it.

As long as I can keep my phone charged, I’ll keep writing. Maybe it’s the magnetic fields of stars or something supplying power. The fridge is still on.

The twinkling stars do remind me of something. It seems like a slower version of the tree lights blinking. I wonder if these lights serve some navigational purpose…

Subject: I haven’t run away! (5)

I can see the star clearly now. I’m not close enough for it to be blinding yet. I can even see a few planets. Not sure what I’ll find but hopefully some answers and a way back.

Subject: RE: I haven’t run away! (6)

I know you haven’t run away. I think I’m heading towards the same place! I was checking out the lights in our house when it happened. What was the time when you lifted off? I think it happened to me at the same time.

Subject: RE: I haven’t run away! (7)

Dear neighbors, we loathe to hack your email but the reason we sent you two away is because you argue way too noisily, especially after 9 pm.

And have a happy Christmas.



My Neighbour TLDR Award