The NiTH Style Guide


We’re generally not to fussy about the style you use, so long it’s legible. You’ll also need to put the title, your author name and the award you are submitting for in the main body text. These are the minimum requirements for submitting a story for NiTH.

Beyond that there are a few things you can do to make our lives easier.

Title Heading

Our preference for title heading is story name, pipe “|” author name, like this:

Visit From The Goon Squad | Jennifer Egan

When you submit your piece you can use the following HTML and titles at the top of the main body text.

<hr />
<h3><em>Story Title</em></h3>
<h2>Author Name</h2>
<h4><u>Award Name</u>
<hr />

You can also add an intro to your story above the first horizontal line <hr />, or we’ll do it for you. And if you make a mistake don’t fret, we don’t penalise if your title tags aren’t up to scratch 😉


If you want to use formatting in your submission, you can do so by using quicktags in your text.
The following gives an overview of the most common ones, and how to use them.

Next paragraph

A single enter will result in the next line immediately following after the previous one, without any spacing. Usage of double enters or a <p> tag at the end of your line will insert a paragraph spacer.

Enter a new paragraph behind this line.<p>
This is the next line.

would give:

Enter a new paragraph behind this line.

This is the next line.



ex. The <b>bold</b> word.

The bold word.



ex. The word in <i>italics</i>.

The word in italics.



ex. Mind the <del>red</del> color.

Mind the red color.



ex. This is <ins>underlined</ins>.

This is underlined.

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Work on collaborative publications takes place largely through the NiTH forums.


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