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The NiTH Team


Martin De Biasi created Needle In The Hay in 2012. He is an avid writer, reader and photographer, and started NiTH to strengthen the availability of online and community resources for writers.

Madeline Pettet is NiTH’s expert judge, providing great feedback to authors every week. Madeline also handles admin for contests.

Amber Fernie currently runs the NiTH Twitter. She is also runs one of NiTH’s favourite authors.

Talia Mc Bride joined the NiTH team in 2015. She has a Masters in English, has taught English and Creative Writing to children in Nairobi and Venezuela, and is working on her first novel.

Jana Winston is a writer of fiction and non fiction who enjoys finding buried treasures in old book stores and hot tea on rainy days.

Damian Wellsmith sometimes runs the NiTH Twitter and Facebook accounts. He can usually be found lounging on his back porch listening to the Smiths

Jeanette Stampone posts on the NiTH Facebook page and is a senior judge (when she’s not entering competitions).

Lydia Trethewey is NiTH’s reigning leaderboard champ, and available for editing and proofreading.


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