The Ray of Hope | Sachin Sharma

The Ray of Hope

Sachin Sharma



The only human in the entire universe returned to an uninhabitable earth. After decades of darkness, the sky finally looked clear. And this gave her the chance with her solar powered oxygen pump to finally leave the ship, find the human seeds and become god.


Her father used to work on cryogenics technology for Nova Intergalactic Labs. Disappointed in those who gave up on earth and relocating on this new man-made moon called Sehore, her father once held a bottle and remarked with a smug, “These seeds should bring ‘em back.”

Indeed, she did come back to earth and was planning a ‘small-step, giant-leap’.

The cold surface of the planet gave her a cold feet, literally. 

She looked at the huge gate that read – “Nova Intergalactic Labs”. The organisation was in the news for duping rich and famous by promising to keep their sperms and eggs safe for a 1000 years insuring their genomes remain reproduce-able. 

She was here to take these spices of human recipe. Thanks to her father she knew everything about the mythical lab.

Her watch showed 20 more minutes before the sun would hide behind murky clouds again. She ran to the vault of sperms and eggs, hoping for two things. 

Dad! Honest, and wise, please…” she murmured. 

Honest, for this thing had to work, and wise enough to save his own genes.

Fiddling through small bottles she not only found her father’s sperm but her mother’s eggs as well. This was it. She could even test-tube a baby sister now. 

Suddenly she felt out of breath. Her watch still showed 18 minutes to live. She looked out of the window.


Sun was fading, because of an unexpected sunset – a solar eclipse caused by the Sehore, the  moon she called home.

Don McCrady Invitational Award