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The Unenlightened Short Story Collection

Rainbow NiTH

This week’s Enlightened Award asked for a specific kind of story, but among the unsuccessful submissions we found a number of stories that were worth reading in their own nght. so here they are. The Unenlightened Short Story Collection!

Strip | Cam Dang

A mother’s unusual punishment leads to unexpected consequences.

The Game Of Life | Steve Ashton

When reality seems like a game, how do you fight back?

Whores, Wives & Maids | Nick Lachmund

A plot is hatched in the war between North & South

Tips | Amy Brandon

The freedom of the music industry isn’t all its cracked up to be.

A Life Changing Moment | Nikki Ah Wong

An offer to feed the neighbour’s cat turns disasterous.



  1. Cam

    Thank You, NiTH, for not only helping writers nurture our skills and challenging us with intriguing competitions but also making each and every one of us feel welcome and appreciated.

    Great title, by the way. Can’t think of a better one myself :)

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