And so the Karmic Wheel it turned,
Freeing birds from wont to learn,
For soon as mistakes could be made,
The memories of them would fade.

 And so the wheel it turned,
And left us all unscathed,
The Rabbit, Monkey and the Bear,
Each of them a turn despair,
But then again high in the air,
The Karmic Wheel, its will was fair,
And fair because it could not care,
Or would not care,
Was hard to know,
The Wheel just turned,
It never spoke.
Unlike the Bird,
Or the Bear, or the Monkey, or the Hare.
They talked as if the wheel was theirs,
Or that its turn was by design,
Especially when days were fine.
And then a dip would bring malaise,
And damming wheels would be the craze.
And so it goes,
With carriage yearning,
Karmic Wheel —
Forever turning.