The Winters Of Discontent Project

For writers who want to share in the cold and isolation.


Collaboration Brief

For this collaboration we will be riffing on themes of cold, isolation, discontent and their antithesis. The season of winter can also play a part, as well as other winters… Nuclear and the like.

Spots are limited on this collab, so join up fast to avoid disappointment.

Recommended Story Length

Between 2000 & 7000 words in length.

Eligibility & Requirements

Authors expected to participate in three rounds of drafting, as well as prodviding (and receiving) feedback from up to three other authors.

Open to any writer that has been shortlisted at least once for a NiTH Contest.

Rewards & Editions

All profits divided equally between authors, cover artist and editor(s) for at least 5 years. Digital eBooks in most major marketplaces, as well as limited edition print run via Kickstarter.


Project will be organised through the NiTH forums.

Join Up

Send a 50-100 word brief to [email protected] with the project title in the subject line, or sign up via the forums.

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