For this award authors are asked to use a short poem by Virginia Woolf as a prompt for writing a dual narrative story.


The Woolf’s Peak Award



Read Virginia Woolf’s Blue And Green. Write two sides of the same story in the genre of your choosing. Make the two points of view conflict with each other in key ways, but try not to make it seem like one or the other is 100% accurate.

Word Count

450 of your most lucid, lyrical prose words.

Due Date

13 September 2015


First Prize: 5000 words edited. A dead fish
Feedback on all submissions.

Include in your submission

The tile and byline at the top of the page.

Can include your own intro (150 characters) if you wish.

Where to enter

Enter at our submissions page here.


| Blue And Green by Virginia Woolf
| Blue and Green Analysis (external link)
| Contest Guidelines
| The Unreliable Narrator


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