This year we farewell Terry Pratchett, a prolific author, gentleman, knight and scholar.

We love him for his words and imagination, but a Terry Pratchett video is as interesting as a Pratchett book.

So we’ve assembled three of our favorites. Sit back, relax, and spend an evening catching up with Sir Terry.


1. Wheeler Centre Interview – Jan 25 2013

“The greatest crime may have taken place long before the boy had been born.”

“When the smoke blew away the mirrors were still there.”

“The truth, as we know, is not very palaptable.”

– Terry Pratchett on journalism

“When you can’t get cannabis you’ll lick the outside of a dead rhinocerous… Any Discword is better than no Discworld.”

– On his favorite Discworld book

Conducted by the Wheeler Centre At RMIT’s Story Hall, Michael Williams talks to Pratchett about is early life as a journalist, science an religion. A more recent interview, Pratchett’s soft spoken and considered answers give insight into a life of words and wisdom.


2. The Science Of Discworld

Shaun ‘OBoyle “Science Gallery” talks to Pratchett, Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen. Trinity College Dublin June 2012

How can there be a science to discworld?

One for the hardcore fans of  the series, his deep dive into the Discworld ‘universe’ and it’s relation to our real world will please fans of fiction and science alike.

“Too much science fiction. It will take control of your daughters and sons… Mostly sons.”

-On why he chose to write, rather than become a scientist.

“I’ve got more computing power in my office… And yet it’s computing games, porn, social media…”

“We’re taking the technological path but we’re not using it.”

-On our use of technology.


3. Shaking Hands With Death

A lecture, more than an interview. Terry, along with his “Stunt Pratchett,” (Tony Robinson of Baldric fame) gives his thoughts on assisted dying, drawing from his experiences with early onset Alzhiemer.

The bulk of the lecture is spoken by Robinson, but these are Pratchett’s own words and there are frequent cut always to his, often heartwarming, reactions.