Bonded by Murder | Tigest G Negussie


Bonded by Murder

Tigest G Negussie

The First Rule Of Nabokov Award

Six years I had given him. Six long years. Early mornings rushing to make him breakfast for his ‘work’. Late nights waiting for him to come home, while the dinner I cooked got cold. The arguments that followed such days, I would endure always the one to apologize. All because I love him. Loved.

‘Mrs. Wright?’ The detective before me looks at me weirdly. I had spilled the tea I was drinking. The hot water splashes onto my fitted skirt causing me to scramble to my feet. I grab the napkin that rested on our dining table dabbing at the stain.

‘So sorry, I don’t know what had gotten into me, my goodness.’ I ramble. His eyes soften.

‘It’s understandable, you’ve been through a lot. I just have a few more questions and I’ll leave you be.’ His voice was honest, compassionate.

I settle back down onto my yellow chair and pick up my teacup, nodding. He clears his throat.

‘So, you said when your husband left for work it was around 9 a.m?’

‘Yes, he has early shifts.’ I answer. He jots it down on his notebook.

‘Did you two talk during the day at all?’

‘No,’ I say, bitterly. ‘He was always so busy.’ His head looks up at my tone but chooses to move past it.

‘What time does your husband normally come home?’

‘Ten to eleven.’

‘That’s pretty late and he starts at nine?’ Suspicion playing at his words.

‘That’s what he tells me.’ And I was dumb enough to believe it. I was so much angrier at myself.

The detective looked uncomfortable knowing the obvious reasons my husband was away so much.

‘When did you realize he hadn’t come home?’

‘The next morning,’ I reply coolly.

‘The next morning?’

‘He often tells me to not wait up for him after eleven so I decided to go to bed.’

‘What did you do in the morning?’

‘I called his office. They told me he left at the usual time. That’s when I started getting worried. After calling his cell phone multiple times I called the police.’ My voice catches in my throat overcome with tears. The detective hands me a tissue. I take it.

‘What did you do next?’

‘I waited and waited,’ I hiccup. ‘At about twelve that afternoon the police said they found a body in a dumpster in the city. I had to go identify him.’ I blow my nose grabbing more tissues.

‘Sorry, Mrs. Wright I just have one more question. Do you know if your husband had any enemies? That would want to … hurt him?’

I almost laughed at that.

‘No, no he was always loved by everyone.’

‘Thank you, that’d be all for today.’ He gets up and I follow him out.

‘Thank you for your hard work detective. I hope you catch this murderer.’ I whisper.

‘We’ll do our best,’ He leaves and I close the door.


I giggle wrapping my arms around his neck. He kisses up my neck whispering sweet nothings. He pulls back staring into my eyes and I melt. How I adored this man.

‘Don’t go,’ I purr loving his warmth. He laughs.

‘I have to, work starts in half hour.’ I hold him tighter and he laughs again.

‘I hate your work.’ I pout making my way back to our bed. He straightens out his suit and nods.

‘I do too.’ He comes over kissing my forehead and turns to leave.

‘I’ll see you in the morning,’ He whispers. A goofy smile creeps onto my face as I return to bed. How did I ever get so lucky, I think. I turn my nightlight off and slip under the covers.

My phone buzzes. It was a text. I was already smiling before I looked at it, he just couldn’t help himself.

“Whore, you’ve ruined our lives. I hope you’re happy.”

My smile dropped off of my face, shock replacing it. I type back fast.

“Who is this?” I wait, my mind racing with thoughts that would explain this text. It buzzes.

“His wife,” Just like that my entire world comes crashing down, piece by piece burying me in betrayal. My vision blurred over the ring I had on my finger remembering when he’d given it to me. Two weeks ago he’d made me the happiest woman on earth, now he’d shattered me beyond repair.

I nursed my wounds for the next week confirming the text’s information. I followed him and saw him greet her with the same affection he did me. I seethed in anger.

I hated her. She hated me. But we were forever linked by a pain no one should ever experience. We were the victims, at first.


After I check the detective’s car had gone I rush to my phone, dialing. The tears I’d just conjured dry up quickly. After three rings she picks up.

‘Well?’ She asks.

‘The detective just left. I told him Henry worked a lot leaving his poor wife alone most nights,’ I give a harsh laugh. She joins me on the other end.

‘Good, good. Now we just wait for them to rule it as a random street attack. It helps he was found dead near a strip club. There will be no connection between him and I. I’ve just landed in Brazil by the way.’

I pour myself wine and take it to my couch stretching my legs on the table.

‘Brazil, huh? I wish I was you. But instead I’m stuck here playing the poor widow, ‘ I yawn.

‘I’ll be back in a few months and I’ll take you out for a drink,’ She laughs. ‘My shout.’

I chuckle, ‘Can you believe you were the one I wanted to kill a month ago?’

‘Well, you know what they say,’

‘What?’ I ask.

‘Nothing bonds two people like a murder.’

We both laugh at that. She’d made it up but she was right.