In order to even consider invading the LARP market, we must understand the mindset of those who participate. Whilst over 97% of players are adults, we began our investigation with younglings; after all, adults were once younglings too and most assume such adults are acting like younglings.

Let us examine the following based on the multiple group interviews conducted with the four main races. The below may be considered as dramatic but it is in essence true. We ignored other races since their numbers were not considered as market significant. The first groups were comprised of younglings [1]. Since the four races develop biologically and intellectually at different rates, younglings were those who have recently shown signs of their second set of teeth.

Interviewer: Do you like to play with toys?

T1: Depends.

D1: Are you buying?

Interviewer: If I have some, what would you choose?

T1: You mean “will”?

E1: The human is correct, “would” is past tense.

D1: Can I keep it if I like it?

O1: Just Show Us, Puny Grown-Up.

Interviewer: There’s too much. It’s easier if you give me an idea of what you like first.

T1: Constructo blocks.

E1: Constructo aren’t bad. I prefer a bow.

T1: We need lots of blocks though. It’s no fun when you just have one box.

O1: Bow?! Constructo? Hammers And Maces Are Better.

D1: A vehicle, one I can ride in.

O1: And Catapults. I Like Catapults. With Real Rocks, Not Foam Pieces.

Interviewer: What if you were to play together?

T1: I’d still play with Constructo blocks. Or do you mean games?

Interviewer: It doesn’t have to be games.

E1: “Skewer the Spy” but we need bows and arrows and a really big area.

O1: Nah. “Smash that Bastard”. Last-One-Standing Rules.

D1: That needs a big area too. Besides, do I have to play with them?

It is interesting to note that despite the younglings were interviewed together, the above responses were similar across the sample for both male [m] and female [f], each initially giving their preferences assuming they were to play alone. Collectively, the younglings were interested in interactive games with physical intensity. Either way, the above confirms the accepted truth that young people generally like to play games even if their specific preferences differ.

Let us continue with groups comprised of adolescents [2]—those who have begun to lose their second set of teeth and/or have begun growing hair in locations where there were previously no hair.