Interviewer: Do you like to play with toys?

T2m: Yeah. And?

E2m: Only good quality items.

O2f: I Don’t Play With Toys.

D2m: I got better things to do.

O2f: You Mean Playing With Yourself?

D2m: Shut up, green bitch.

Interviewer: What about games?

T2m: You mean holo-games?

T2f: I like holo-games.

E2m: They are rather convenient.

O2m: You Two Are Soft. Prefer To Smash Things For Real.

D2m: Haveta agree with this green thug here.

O2m: Shut Your Trap, Shortie.

E2f: And who is going to clean up and rebuild once you’re finished?

T2f: Exactly.

O2m: Be Quiet, Terran.

Interviewer: Calm down please. What if you played with each other?

O2m: Why Would I Want That?

O2f: Depends On What We Are Playing.

T2m: I suppose if we networked our platforms, we could play.

E2f: And assuming we organize to enter the game at the same time.

Interviewer: What type of holo-games?

O2m: If We Have To Play, It Would Be UniBattle 3.

O2f: That Game Is A Bit Too Much, Even For Me.

T2m: Could wait for UniBattle 4 but it’ll probably be full of bugs.

T2f: What about Formula S Racing?

E2f: I think the boys are more into killing than racing.

D2m: If you’re interesting in battle simulations, then Galactic Annihilation is better.

T2f: You’re all nuts.

D2f: Yes, they are. I mean, I’m all for a good slaughter but pick a game already.

E2f: Well, I have nothing against games but why not do something real and practical? Archery improves hand-eye coordination. Even knitting is beneficial.

O2f: Oh, You Girls Are No Fun At All.

T2f: I’m hungry.

O2f: Now That You Mention It, So Am I.

D2f: I like your earrings. My cousin has something similar, took them off someone at a LARP event last month.

T2f: Oh really, thanks. Let’s do lunch.

It can be seen that adolescents’ tastes have grown more sophisticated, at least with interactive games. T2 and D2 males were generally more enthusiastic than their female counterparts whereas E2 and O2 sexes were more comparable. This corresponds to the fact that the latter two races share a common ancestry.