The participants behave consistently to the “non-conformist” profile and are against the commercialization of their hobby, instead preferring to maintain control themselves even if it means more work. They should not be viewed as crazy anarchists who wish to binge, especially given their organizational skills and their consistent displays of teamwork even when stoned. This is further supported by the fact that when Bill’s team discovered we were consultants doing marketing research (for we initially said we were doing psychology research), the androgynous Orc responded in a lively manner. It turned out to be a “she” and she was just being a sarcastic cow the whole time.

Anyway, it is not recommended that any company enter the LARP market directly. However, it is clear that LARP players require various goods in preparation for and during the event, such as but not limited to, natural and synthetic cloth, plastic, lightweight alloys, glue, solder and laser-cutters. Quantitatively, these goods are not required continuously so once sales has reached saturation point, demand will lower. In fact, the demand will be cyclic according to the life of the goods. Other goods like fuel-cells, portable reactors and camping supplies are also required. It is recommended that the quality of such goods be not too high in order to maintain demand and therefore revenue.

Disclaimer: This consultant is not responsible for any damages caused by the implementation of any policy based on the above incomplete research. To continue the research, please ring the office and pay $4000 per hour and wait six months.