The Top 5 Planets to Visit on Your Next Interstellar Adventure (You won’t believe what there is to do on number one!) \\ A Science Fiction Short Story by Kelly Sheenan

Kelly’s first short list for NITH is the perfect listiscle for our little solar system. Some of us look up and see only a vast and impenetrable infinite. Not so. As you will see below, the solar system is an easily digestible list of places you can visit. Check out this entry to the  LINKBAIT AND SWITCH Science Fiction Short Story Contest.


The Top 5 Planets to Visit on Your Next Interstellar Adventure (You won’t believe what there is to do on number one!)


The Milky Way galaxy offers an extensive variety of activities. We explore the top 5 planets to visit on your next spring break!

5. Mars

Forget the dusty, red rocks that are the stereotypical depiction. Since it’s refurbishment in the late 2200s, Mars offers the kind of vacation for those looking for an action-packed adventure. You’ll have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to scale the mountainous Obama region on the north side, famed for their jagged heights and sights that offer views of the fuchsia sunsets. To relax your aching muscles (climbing those large peaks is a definite workout!) you have the opportunity to delve 300 metres underground to the hot springs – a unique experience that will reward the more audacious traveller.

4. Neptune

On the other end of the spectrum from Mars, in both location and activities, Neptune offers something for the relaxed traveller. Ensure you pack your thermal underwear as you make your way to this frozen beauty! Picturesque views of you and your partner in front of the beautiful snow-capped peaks are sure to allow for a romantic getaway. The holiday cabins are heated and a sauna is available. Win the heart of your loved one by showing them the azure sunrise, or the cerulean snow that falls perpetually. A visit to the frozen lakes is a must see and will warm the cockles of any hard-hearted traveller.

3. Saturn

We liked it, so we put it in our number three spot! This planet is THE place to be for families of all kinds. Famous for constant parties and general fun, Saturn offers a variety of activities. For the young ones, the outer rings have daily go-kart races with prizes and competitions. Just be sure you don’t drive off the edge into deep space! Saturn’s 150 moons also offer different worlds of adventure – Titan is known as party central, with booming nightclubs for the older ‘kids’! For a bit of fun with the preschoolers, Rhea has a water park complete with swimming classes for toddlers, and cafes for parents to relax. Back on the mainland, Saturn offers the first of it’s kind – an interplanetary zoo and museum, making it ideal for school excursions. Regardless of the kind of adventure you are looking for, Saturn is sure to give holidaymakers a fun time for the whole family.

2. Jupiter

No intergalactic space travel list would be complete without the larger-than-life Jupiter. Universally renowned for it’s luxurious spas, pampering salons and the home to celebrities, Jupiter is the planet to be! Boasting million dollar upgrades to vacation facilities, Jupiter allows those who are looking for an upper market experience to relax and dine in pure, unadulterated pleasure. As the various celebrities who inhabit this planet signify, your time on Jupiter will ensure you are treated as a celebrity. You have the opportunity to hire a personal assistant who will fetch you cocktails, manicure your nails and indulge your every whim. Tour buses are available for those wishing to go celebrity spotting. As they say on Jupiter, “The closer to the eye, the more you need to buy!” and visiting this well-loved planet will set you back quite a bit. But darling, aren’t you worth it?

1. Earth

Taking the number one spot on our list is Earth! Famous for it’s rich cultural history, Earth is the planet that started it all. From the multitude of climates that exist simultaneously (snow, desert and tropical rainforest all at once!) to the bizarre and somewhat unsightly pink Humans that inhabit the planet, Earth has it all. It will excite the more adventurous traveller as the health risk is high – large levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide mean that safety suits need to be worn at all times, making for some unflattering photos. But for the opportunity to visit a planet that only has a century left before pollution destroys the environment and wipes out the entire Human race, odds are that this is a chance not to be missed!