Transitions: Community Edition Free Download

It’s with great excitement that we can announce that our first eBook is available for free download through the NiTH Community forums.

Covers from the three editions of Transitions
Covers from the three editions of Transitions

Just log into the forums through the link (You’ll have to register if it’s your first time,) and head to the Digest section. We have both major eBook formats and PDF if that’s your cup of tea.

Our forums have also been updated with a responsive, mobile design, which is also great.

We’re busy knuckling down on the next eBook. If that’s something you would like to be a party of, you can find more details through the forum.

Competition related, there’s still plenty of time to get a story in for this week’s award. Find the full details at our Writing Contests page.

Thanks to all of you for supporting NiTH.