Wiping the steam from the mirror my face came into view. I grinned and my reflection showed me my pearly whites.
‘Nith, you are one handsome troll,’ I said to myself. My green skin had a nice tint of brown in it and was as rough as sandpaper. I widened my deep-set yellow eyes and put on my mean face.
My incisors extended to the bottom of my wide nose and the wrinkles made me look fierce. Any foe would run scared. I chuckled softly to myself and turned to change into my uniform.
Living with my old clan I had never been allowed the luxury of a good long shower. The others had always ganged up and beaten me, leaving me with only cold water.
As I zipped up the flexible black material there was a banging on the door. I was late.
I opened the bathroom door and was met with a scowling face. Greg had the well chiselled muscles of all werewolves but unlike most he groomed. So instead of smelling like mud, blood and wet dog the scent of old spice was in the air.
When we got to the conference room the rest of mysquad was there. Joe, the goblin,moved his long dextrous brown fingers as he tinkered with electrical wire. Stacey, the only human in my squad, leaned back in her chair.
Merryn, our team leader, flitted around the room with her green wings flapping. As soon as she saw them Merryn started speaking, ‘There have been reports of babies missing and our intelligence has just confirmed that the culprits are trolls.Aclan has moved in under the Jerrington Bridge.’
I snorted, accidently spraying Stacey with my green snot. She didn’t even blink as she took out a handkerchief and wiped her face. ‘Sorry. I just hate when trolls live up to their stereotypes.’
‘Orders have come in. We either exile or eradicate these trolls, effective immediately.’
The Supernatural Forces is an independent organisation filled with monsters, humans and everything in between. We prevented war by keeping the supernatural secret from the general populace. I became a member of the SF much like any other. This is my story.
One day when I was wondering around the city with the moon shining bright and casting interesting shadows I came across a human walking home. When they saw me, they ran off screaming. I sometimes have that effect on people.
They had dropped their comic books. They were about superheroes that dressed in fancy uniforms and defeated evil foes. I became addicted to those glossy pages like a troll who can’t get enough blonde babies to eat.
When I stopped kidnapping children and only ate beef or lamb my clan leader became suspicious. He ordered the others to look through my stuff and found the stack of comic books I kept hidden.
After a short trial I was deemed unworthy and sentenced to death. Fortunately I was prepared for this and fought my way out of there. Half dead I had staggered around the streets, fearing that I wouldn’t find shelter in time and the sun would turn me to stone.
When I was at my lowest point, the Supernatural Forces found me. I thought this was the beginning of my new life where I would become a force for good and never have to look back. But as with any story, the past has a way of catching up to us.
With Joe at the wheel, our black van reached the bridge in record speed. Greg and I moved swiftly to the other side of the bridge.
I saw three bonfires in the middle of the camp with tents made out of human skins pitched up randomly. About fifteen trolls lazed around the firesfarting, burping, yelling and singing.
That all turned to squealing when Joe’s smoke bomb exploded all around them. Stacey came through looking more wraith than human and yelled at them to pipe down. A few warning shots ensured they complied.
Merryn flew in next and demanded to see the clan’s leader. When he came forward I rubbed my eyes. The troll with curling incisors, dark green skin, covered in scars and wartswas my old clan leader!
‘Trolls you have violated the Treaty. You risk the exposure of our kind. Your choices are exile or execution,’ said Merryn.
The clan leader just roared and threw a greasy femur at Merryn. She dodged and shot a dart right into the troll’s eye. He was dead before he hit the ground. Stacey started firing into the crowd dropping trolls as easily as swatting flies. Then someone flew out of a tent behind her and knocked her across camp.
Joe took the opportunity to throw in a grenade.
The camp was covered in smoke and debris. I moved forward to ensure no one escaped. This was my responsibility, my revenge against the trolls that had abused me.
Three shadows came into view from the smoke. As they came running out I punched onein the face. He was knocked to the ground and Greg finished him off.
The other retaliated. I was kicked in the knee. I launched myself off the ground and used my momentum to punch her between the eyes. Her skull collided with hard stone and her eyes glazed.
Greg dispatched the last troll as the smoke dissipated. Job done we walked back to the van.
I sat quietly in the back of the van as Joe drove us home. I was feeling both victorious and uneasy that we had just slaughtered my old clan. I know they deserved it but still…
Stacey turned to me and asked, ‘You okay?’
‘That was my clan.’
Stacey looked at me thoughtfully then said, ‘We are your clan now.’
I thought of my beginning. Of how I was obsessed with superheroes and then was driven to the Supernatural Forces because of it. That chapter in my life has finally closed. It defines me, as I find a new beginning.