My Wedding Day | Nick Lachmund

It’s a nice day for a white wedding.

My Wedding Day

By Nick Lachmund

For the Romance Alliance Award

I was never fond of arranged marriages. When I was a child, when father told me that he had promised me to marry another king’s daughter, I was terrified. I was never a believer in true love or soul mates or any of that nonsense. But I always felt that I should only marry someone whose company I enjoyed. I only felt that way as a child, though But then again, when I was a child I believed in monsters and fairy tales.  As an adult, I don’t believe in much anymore.

As I stand at the aisle awaiting my bride that I have never met, I don’t feel nervous. I’m not stricken with panic or anxiety. Father has explained to me the truth of how these things work. Our kingdoms will be united by this marriage but we do not need to be together, other than at events. This marriage ends a hundred year old feud between two great kingdoms. All I have to do is say yes. Then, like father and mother, my bride and I will lead different lives and I can do whatever my heart desires. Father has given me a taste of the life that he lives away from his family, and I cannot wait to have the same.

As the music begins, I look over at my younger brother. He beams at me. He is still young enough to believe in fairy tales and monsters and happy marriages. I return his smile as my concentration turns back to the aisle. My bride is approaching. She wears a long grey dress and veil. I cannot make out her face but her body looks desirable. She moves slowly towards me, as if savouring the looks from the large crowd. The way she moves excites me more than I expect. Her hips sway gently with each step and I am possessed by an urge to move towards her. But I hold my place, as is the tradition.

As my bride reaches me, she extends her hand and I take it in mine. My heart seems to be beating faster than normal. Am I getting swept up in this? My bride stands in front of me and she lifts her veil. A wave of terror sweeps over me and my knees almost buckle. I am standing in front of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is truly breathtaking. What luck I have. The Gods have blessed me in this union. I look across at my brother and his eyes are wide with awe. He stares at my bride and his mouth is slightly open. Her beauty has overwhelmed him. He and I are under her spell.

The ceremony begins and we say what is expected. We are presented to the crowd as husband and wife and a loud cheer fills the room. I see mother and father embracing and my brother clapping. I see my bride’s family doing the same. They truly have no idea what’s about to happen. The doors slamming closed behind them grabs their attention and the cheers quickly peter out. Before the panic can set in, my men move. A barrage of arrows hit the crowd. My father still stands, looking down at his fallen son and wife. His face is without emotion, still not sure what is happening. I feel my wife squeeze my hand tighter and I turn towards her smiling face. We’ve waited a long time for this and she is truly enjoying it.

As the next round of arrows hit the crowd, I look over to her side and see her father crawling pathetically towards us. Two arrows protrude from his back and a trail of blood runs underneath him. I take out my dagger and offer it to my bride. She snatches it greedily and moves quickly towards the old fool. Pulling his hair back, she runs the blade along his throat and it opens like a blooming rose. A small river of red flows onto the ground between us. I feel myself getting hard as I watch the maniacal look in my new wife’s eyes. She is a creature that deserves to be with me. Since we began writing each other, all those years ago, our bond has grown. I knew that we could work together to wrest power and control from our parents. But I didn’t expect to fall in love with her along the way.


I step into the puddle of blood as she drops the blade and moves towards me. We embrace tightly and she kisses me. Her lips are soft but she presses them hard against mine. Our mouths open and tongues interact naturally and sensually. It is as if we were built to be together. I lift her up and carry her past the crowd, some of whom are still crying and writhing. We leave the wedding together, ready to start our new life. I stare into her eyes and she stares back. I think this may actually be love.