Hi Everyone,

I’ve been toying with ideas on how to keep NiTH going (and growing) while retaining the core experience. I spend up to 30 hours a week managing the various aspects of the site, which I love doing, but doesn’t leave a lot of room for growth!

Searching for the answer I’ve landed on Patreon, a service similar to Kickstarter but for monthly subscriptions. I’ve set up the page so you can check it out and hopefully subscribe.

I think we’ve set up the rewards nicely, for small monthly pledges (a coffee or two) you’ll get free eBook novellas every month. And when we reach the goal of $3000 there will be a monthly sponsorship award of $500 for a single author per month.

I also reckon this is a good opportunity for people to discover NiTH. If you know any readers or writers who might be interested in helping the arts (and scoring some monthly novellas as well), then please let them know. I’ve set a few milestones, like getting rid of ads and better prizes, but it will also mean time to work on bug fixes, better integration between forum and website and more time to coordinate collaborations, which benefits everyone.

If you’ve got any questions please let me know in the comments below or via email. Otherwise head over and check out the pledge page and see what we’re offering!


Martin De Biasi

NiTH Editor & Site Admin