Who has lost their faith in the other first? 

That’s a (rhetorical)  question from Judge J on this week’s winning entry.

If there’s a consistent theme through the CLIMATE FICTION stories, it’s of characters searching for humanity. Be it human contact, a moral purpose, or a sense of identity. It’s exciting then, that our winner is someone who writes under a pseudonym. Someone who’s writing consistently focuses on the relationships and ‘Who has lost their faith first?”

In third place, on her third short list in a row, was Ingrid Cor with Future Vision, a story praised for it’s creative and interesting concept.

In second place, on his first visit to NITH, is J Perry Kelly with the powerful Nowhere to Hide. Congratulations Mr Kelly, we look forward to more from you in future contests!

Onto our winner who, if you haven’t already guessed, is  frequent NITH participant Maya Spore!

Congratulations Maya!

Corcovado Beach was described as ‘bittersweet,’ and an ‘intimate… and emotional journey’We asked that the stories focus on human relationships, and Maya, you did not disappoint.

Thanks again to all our participants. If you haven’t already seen the short list you should definitely head over and check it out now. The short list for our next award, the MARIUS DE ZAYAS, will be up shortly!