Winner Annoucement: Don McCrady Invitational


We really struck the magical nexus of good prompt, great stroies and a fun reward with this one.

Thanks to Don McCrady we have $30 to give away to first place, but I’d like to think it was more than just a monetary reward that inspired so many intriguing tales.

The openness of the award brief gave us the opportunity to publish a wide range of stories, each with their own unique take on the subject.

With such a broad shortlist, it might be tempting to chalk up the win to statistical roulette. But while there were many close scores in the Don McCrady Award, first place was indelible, scoring almost 10% higher than second place. In NiTH terms, that’s quite significant.

Third place went to a NiTH favourite. Joey To revived (is that the right word?) everyone’s favourite cloaked master of the underworld as he answered curious correspondence in For the Love of Perverts.

Second place goes to Katie Brice for Love Struck. A much more serious and heartfelt short about what to do when someone you love loses their mind. Katie’s second story for NiTH, Red or Dead? is shortlisted right now for the Murder Internationale Award.

Our winner this week put the reader into the final moments or an athlete”s glorious career. As the boxer dances with his opponent, Liam Pender delivers a powerful vingette that is visceral at every turn. Read The Last Day the Sun Danced and see for yourself.


Well done Liam. A big thanks to all participants and judges, who certainly had their work cut out for them this time around. And also thanks to Don McCrady for sponsoring the award.

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Don McCrady Invitational Award