First up a big congratulations to our winner…

By a single point…

Alayna Cole!

Alayna’s only been entering for a couple of months and after making her first short list last time round it’s great to see her story,  Stolen Property, on the winner’s podium. Congrats!

It was another tough contest with some interesting interpretations on the theme. Here’s what the judges thought of the other stories.


Letter from HW by Clarissa NG “I liked the parallels between the deteriorating landscape and his wife, and the way it was nuanced to sound like an older man.” 

(Dis)Harmony by Dakoda Barker “I loved the ‘successful’ chunks of bitumen, and the irregular tune of the water and the dull knock of the boats” “Nice, clear descriptions which gave me a good mental vision of the scene.”

Broken Hill by Dennis Carroll “A vivid description of a place I’ve never been!”

Asterisms Over Fitzroy by Tyne Daile “I really liked this. I felt I was there, I got insight in to their relationship – just the perfect slice of story.”

Reef w/Footnote by Kirk Graham “A good, original attempt.”  “Very clever!”

Sydney, Australia by Daniel Norrish “I like the turning of the city in to person, with the veins and heart, then the honest observations on the difficulty and ease of different animals in adjusting. And I like the ‘visitation on the earth’.” “Brings what we believe is important into perspective. “

The Paradox Of Drought by Candace Davis “There are some really poetic phrases in here, particularly in the second paragraph.”

White Cliffs And Walkways by Edwin Lerner “The reference to the chalk and the tiny skeletons could have been a good angle. I want more!”

A Postcard from Paradise by Beth Merindah “Good attempt to bring the contrast between tourism and the real Jamaica.”

Earth, Wind, Rock & Water by Annabel Owen “I want to visit this place! I figure it ends well and it sounds like something beautiful to behold.”