At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this was an amazing short list. Eleven high quality entries that tackled the theme in a variety of poignant and often funny ways. From a washed up comedian to a dead cat to a hungry patron with a strange phobia the short list was as interesting as it was eclectic.

And it wasn’t just me who thought so. The judges delivered our highest scores yet. With almost half the short list scoring above the winning score from our previous award.

Our people’s choice winner this time round was Camilla by Kirstin Whalen. An excellent story that might have won the judges prize if it have stuck a little closer to the theme ;P.   As for our winner… For the the first time ever in NITH’s long and prestigious history we have a tie.

Congrats to Nat Happe and Guem Hye!

Both authors will share in the prize money for this award, and deservedly so!

Special mentions to Lance Cross, Maya Spore, Debb Bouch and Daniel Norrish who all scored highly. And a big welcome to Disapol Savetsila and Alexander Konnaris on their first ventures into NITH. Looking forward to seeing more from both of you.

So thanks everyone for playing. Our next (super) short list is performance poetry, but if you’re keen to try your hand at prose, The FOREVER ENDING STORY Award is up right now.

Arttaxxxx noooooooooooo!