I really enjoyed the short list for this award. The brief called for subtly and we got that, but I think we also got a lot of little windows into varied worlds of NITH authors. Writing is a shared experience, but every story is different and unique in it’s own way. There’s also a bit of magic in marine life.

Here’s hoping we don’t destroy it all one day.

Not an easy decision for our judges this time around. A close set of scores but a clear winner.

Third place was shared between Bread and Tuna  and Where the Waves Meet the Shore. Second place was also shared, this time by Would You? and Fish in Aquariums. Luckily there was only one winner. Congrats to Daniel Norrish for his wonderful second person narrative You.

Check it out, you’ll find turns of phrase like this:

You avoid their touch, you walk side by side like awkward acquaintances and you dwell in silence. Their eyes follow your movements and you watch them as they watch you. You do nothing out of the ordinary, but everything you do together is aggravating. This place can be so peaceful. So sad. This place is home.

Thanks to everyone who entered and stay posted for our next short list. We also have a major update announced with more info on 2015’s schedule.