Winner Announcement | All Night March Award

Six authors undertook the lonely trudge through the marshes of March this week. Let’s recap.

In a dark cell in the middle of places unknown, Jeannette Stampone showed us true horror with Salvation

I shook my head, “No Master. Of course not.” I squinted as my eyes adjusted to the light. His silhouetted frame stood motionless in the doorway. As I stumbled out, the warmth of the sun hit my skin; the fresh air rushed into my lungs. It was a new day, finally.

“You disappointed me,” he said.

While newcomer Paula M Carlson brought us in from the cold with the scintillatingly original A Beer Light To Guide Us

“You need to work on your delivery. We need to blend in before we try to help anyone.”
Caleb takes Sophie’s soft hands his large rough hands. His azure eyes meet her jade eyes, the iridescent subway lighting making them seem exactly as otherworldly as they are. “I never realized how much more alive people are at night. Not just alive but those that hurt, hurt even more.

Perth based flash fiction powerhouse Lydia Trethewey is not one to miss out on a good prompt. Never failing to surprise in genre and context, Lydia’s The Long Night looks at the price we pay for challenging authority, and how actions from the past play a powerful role in our future.

Watching Lucy’s chest rise and fall, I picture men in trench coats and dark glasses scanning my emails; the one to Beth about meeting for coffee, to the hairdresser to book an appointment, to the coordinator at the school about volunteering at the upcoming fete. Maybe the spooks have a pin-up board with a photograph of my face, bits of string mapping a constellation of my possible whereabouts. It’ll have my old name, Julie Walker, and the date of my disappearance, October 18th 2016.

Georgia Willis returns to the short list with a different kind of journey. When our social reality is too much to bear, perhaps it’s better to create our own, just to escape. That’s the crux of the darkly comic Sanity Is Not My Friend

“My name is Wally, as in Polly Wally!” he exclaimed grinning.
“That’s great” I mumbled turning away, he grabbed my arm gently and leaned in to whisper in my ear
“ think I’m nuts don’t you? Good, that’s exactly what I want people to think” still grinning, he winked at me and walked off yelling at a nearby nurse for levitating without permission.

Alicia Bruzzone has on occasion shown a flair for Science Fiction. This week we were treated to a blend of horror and SciFi with the blood curdling Extended Nightmares

Thirty seconds, and everyone lined up ordering drinks was dead. Blood fell like waterfall mist through the smoky room, spraying every surface in a coat of glossy crimson. Most of the people inside didn’t even get a chance to cry out, let alone defend themselves.

While Nick Lachmund looked to back up his strong showing this last week with a modern adaptation of hatred and fear called Fleeing The Nazis

In an instant I am out of bed and getting dressed. After this many moves, I know the drill. Since the pogroms started, my brother and I have had to flee a number of times during the night. We tend to seek refuge with other people of our faith or sympathisers. Some take us in, others send us away.

Winner Announcement

A closely contested competition this week which a curious result. Firstly let’s make special mention of Lydia Trethewey’s excellent The Long Night, a powerful story that claimed second place, missing out by a mere fraction of a point.

In first place we have two winners this week. So without further ado let’s congratulate Jeanette Stampone and Georgia Willis for their double win.

This marks Georgia’s first win, and Jeanette’s second, and a great start to 2016 for both authors.

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