In the midst of all the hub and bub finalising entries for the CELLAR DOOR award you might be forgiven for forgetting about ANNABEL’S LOST AND FOUND Award, an award idea dreamed up by one of our regular competitors.

It is with great and somewhat belated pleasure that we finally get to print this author’s name as a winner, but if you’ve been reading NITH short lists for any period of time, or even participated as a judge, you would know what a wonderful and observant writer she can be.
Please congratulate the perennial ‘student’ Clarissa NG!

Clarissa has participated in just about every competition since she discovered NITH, and from what we understand, she has been making a lot of headway in other writing endeavours as well. Perhaps it’s time we coaxed her into an interview.

In the meantime well done Clarissa and to everyone else, thanks for participating and we’ll have a new award or two up in the next couple of days.