Winner Announcement: Athlete’s Footnote Award

The Athlete’s Footnote Award asked authors to tell a story about an athlete in a new style of sport. He format was diary entry, blog or journal.

The athlete didn’t need to be an elite player and this raised some interesting tales from our two shortlisted authors.

Robert Madden settled on the age old social faux pas of staring at one another on public transport.

At first I thought they were being rude. But that night it hit me. The staring was a game. Some sort of indigenous Swiss sport. Only thing was, I’d never heard of it. Yodeling? Of course. Skiing? Absolutely. But, staring? Never.

While newcomer Bryana Thomas debuted at NiTH with Dear Dad, a letter from an underwater runner to her father, in which a beloved pet plays a cruicsl role.

Hendrix seems so lost now. He just keeps sniffing around the lounge and sleeping most of the day in your old armchair. It must smell like you.

Like so many two author shortlists it was a tight contest, the winner ahead by less than two points.

That winner? Congratulations to Robert Madden, who claimed victory with his off kilter tale about a sport you can play just about anywhere, Don’t Blink.

Well done Robert and thanks to Bryana for competing as well as all the jury judges who helped make this award happen!

The Athlete's Footnote Award