Winner Announcement: The Audiophile File Award

Two new authors with fresh ideas and individual styles took to the shortlist this week. It’s always great to read new voices and this shortlist was no exception. Let’s see what the judges thought.

Crossed Lines | Jason Hemens

Our judges were clearly impressed with this artfully executed murder mystery. One judged announced:

The idea of using a telephone operator is clever and worked well in terms of including sound in the investigation. The piece has a strong, intriguing plot and kept me hooked all the way to the end. I would have loved to read more!

Jason captured us with a quick moving plot, active dialogue and and engaging touches that weren’t missed by the judges:

I personally liked the mixed scenes as it slowly exposed the holes in Miss Kilpatrick’s story and was a great lead up to the final line. The sfx noises were a stroke of genius to immerse us into the setting.

Well done Jason, Crossed Lines is an excellent read that totally fulfills the brief. Check it out here.

Death is a Slow and Languid Yellow With Just a Hint of Cerise | Iain D Chalmers

Iain’s extensive title belies an imaginative story that builds up a strong head of steam through the use of a synaesthetic protagonist, skewing our expectations as readers:

I enjoyed the sense of emotional detachment from the main character. The synaesthesia added a unique element to a classic ‘witness of a crime story’.

I always enjoy it when authors tackle synaesthesia because it is such an interesting notion. It also paired well with witnesses describing a crime as it added that element of unreliable witnesses that always crop up in mysteries.

Iain’s short story was full of surprises, and while it may not have met the award brief completely, it was still an exciting reach full of twists and turns. Read the full story here.

Winner Announcement

On their own merits, each story is clearly worthy of first place. However, the awards do have specific elements we like to see. That’s because it:

  • Ensures original work
  • Challenges the author
  • Helps engaged the reader
  • Creates a sense of uniqueness with each contest

By delivering a great story within the confines of the award criteria, Jason Hemens has successfully taken first place in the Audiophile File Award!

Thanks everyone who participated and judged. Be sure to check out the Black Tooth of Destiny Award. With an extended shortlist you’re sure to find something entertaining to read!

Audiophile File Award