Food can feature strongly in many stories, to the point where whole recepie books have been published. Our winner this week didn’t go so far as to serve us lamprey pie, Instead, the focus was on preserving memory through food:

The lemon tree from Catherine’s childhood stood in the corner of the yard, rotting fruit scattered across the ground. She remembered inhaling the strong citrus scent as she stood on tiptoes to pluck fruit from the branches for her grandmother. She’d also tried scrambling onto the metal fence beside the tree to reach the higher-hanging lemons and cried when the hot posts blistered the soles of her feet.

“Silly pork chop,”…

A big congratulations to Victoria Nugent, taking out first place by a single, all important point. Special mention to Debb Bouch and M Ritzker for taking out second and third respectively. Congrats everyone.

Onto the MANSFIELD EXPANSE… Very… Short List.

Only one author gambled and took a chance on what seemed a pretty challenging task. Congratulations Erin Biglia for making the short list and also winning the MANSFIELD EXPANSE Award.

Two winners in one post. What will we think of next…

 Make sure you check out Erin’s winningly poetic story here, and get ready for the BURN YOUR EDITOR short list coming up. We might even release a few of the short listed entries early, just to keep things rolling.