Winner Announcement: Bertie Beats The Tweets Award

What a wild bunch of writely weirdness we stirred up this week with the Bertie Beats The Tweets Award.

Feature Author Joey To got things started with Skullbook, an off kilter parody with plenty of bite starring a litter of Rottweilers out to prevent hate speech against their kind and guest starring Joey’s favourite recurring character, Death!

Joey went to great pains stylistically to present Skullbook in a new and refreshing format, telling a humorous and compelling story in chat windows, status updates and profile pics. It’s a unique presentation that sets the bar for other authors looking to combine formatting and story elements into new ways of storytelling.

I’ve only just started using Blubber. I’m what you might call a resister. But I need to harness it for a very specific purpose: to track down my one true love, the young, beautiful Isadora “Dory”, who by latest intel resides in a tank in a Dentistry in East Gosford on the Central Coast of New South Wales

That’s from Patrick Morgan’s debut Finding Blubber, a story about a goldfish searching for his love (Isadora) over social media, unfortunately hampered by a short memory, among other things…

It’s always great to see new authors making their way through NiTH, especially when their first story includes lines like:

Today two children made patronising faces at me for the greater part of four minutes #surfacestigma #misunderstood.

Amy Short returned to the short list with Naylor Leather, a story about animals leveraging social media to keep their business running while C R Gardner brought us An Interview with Happy Cow, a tongue in cheek interview with the titular character sbout their social media success, C R milks the theme for all its worth, with a surprising message about sustainability in there as well.

And your first ever “toot”?

‘Was a silly joke about the size of my udder!’ snorted Happy Cow.

As you can see, it was truly a diverse field.

Winner’s Announcement

It seems fitting to present the winners award to this author, as we round out the final week of their feature focus. Please congratulate Joey To for his winning entry Skullbook. Joey took out first prize by the thinnest of margins, beating newcomer Patrick Morgan by a mere 0.1 points. What a close call, and a great showing by Patrick on debut!

New Arrivals

With the serialised ‘To The Nines’ Award set to dominate the next few months of contests (Part 4 is up now and Part 3 is due Sunday), one offs like Bertie Beats and our next short list Horror & Heidegger, offer an opportunity for new writers to get into the NiTH short list. It’s always a pleasure to see new faces and welcome them to the contest. We’ve also got a new award up for everyone, The Separation Anxiety Award is due July 10.

And speaking of new arrivals, the Burn Thrive Burn Kickstarter is almost complete. We’re more than 150% funded, which is absolutely incredible, but there is still time to get your name printed FOREVER in our thank you section, head over and pledge before the end of Wednesday.

That’s all from me for now, make sure you check out this week’s short list, it’s quite a good range of stories covering a wide gamut of themes, plots and styles. We also welcome newcomer Athalia Altmann to the short list, so head over to the homepage and check it out!