Winner Announcement | Brevity is What? Award

In keeping with the spirit of this weekend’s award we’ll keep it short and sweet. Seven authors took to the stage to show us an epic story in less than two hundred words. They were:


Trace A Circle | By Tobias Madden

Spoiled Sweets | By Alicia Bruzzone

Alexander: 1917 | By Nick Lachmund

The Snow Leopard | By Lydia Trethewey

Road, Rock & Leaking Cylinder-Heads | By John D. Pallot

A History of the World in 10.5 Sentences | By Steve Ashton

Message In A Bottle | By Nikki Ah Wong

Winner Announcement

This week’s winner has toiled patiently at the short list, honing their craft with a number of great short stories but remained shy of their first win.

Please congratulate Nick Lachmund for his short epic, Alexander: 1917, an historical fiction that captured the ouroborian rise and fall of politics and power.

Well done to Nick and thanks to all our competitors for your quick fire responses for this award.

Coming up soon, the short list for David R Ford’s Enlightenment Award.