Apologies for the delayed winner announcement. Seems like some of our judges were a little late in getting their scores in. Maybe they were busy writing rejection responses of their own… Not that we encourage that, ahem, ahaw.

Our winner this week is not new to the scene, nor are they a seasoned veteran either. They’ve been around for a little while now, with a win already to their name and a lot of strong stories in the bag.

If you haven’t already guessed our winner this week is Charlie Novak for his story To The Editor At Needle In The Hay, a satrical, metafictional story that, like a lot of satire, could have gone either way.

Well recived by both judges and readers. I’m happy to award this week’s win. We should also congratulate Boston Moon and Deb Standridge for scoring second and third respecitvely.

Don’t forget the I/O M/F/? Award is coming up soon as well and shaping up to be a real doozy. Still time to get your entry in. Check the link for more detail.

Thanks to everyone to submitted to BURN YOUR EDITOR Award. We’ll have nore awards up later in the week to take us into March and April. Keep writing everyone!