Winner Announcement: Deus Ex Lover Award


The Deus Ex Lover Award featured a broad shortlist with a great mix of newcomers and returning authors. Let’s recap:

New Faces

Everlyn Parr joins the ranks of Needle in the Hay , and while it msy be her first foray into the world or quick fire writing comps, it’s not the first time Evelyn has engaged with Needle In The Hay, having previously partaken in one of our writing courses.

Her efforts showed through in Beyond Reason, a tale that takes the shotgun wedding through to it’s forgone conclusion, the shotgun divorce.

We also welcome Seb Turner-Lee who’s debut story She Found Me has out protagonist breaking free from the ties that bind, skipping out to make a new life for himself.

A welcome return… Or two

Turner-Lee finished a mere 0.1 points behind NiTH semi regular and published author Georgia Willis. Georgia’s Hospital Blues sees our protagonist stranded in the rain while her partner plays literal games. Fortunately, there’s help on hand.

Robert Madden is another semi regular who always impressed. In this week’s story Annette is the kind of ex everyone should learn to let go of, if they can find the right lover.

Robert took second place this week in a tightly contested competition.

Winner Announcement

By process of elimination, you can probably work out who this week’s winner is, particularly because this author’s favourite reoccurring character is itself (himself?) a kind of process of elimination.

Please congratulated Joey To, the comeback kid has claimed top spot in a return to form aided by everyone’s favourite protagonist… Death. Kill Him Now! sees the dark one losing his shit over the latest Star Wars film, a feeling not uncommon among fans of the series. Find out how it all comes to a head by reading the story here.

And don’t forget our major contest is quickly drawing to a close. Make sure you get on to it. They only come around once a year so it’s a great chance to flex your writing muscle and maybe pick up a prize while you’re at it.