Winner Announcement: Dry July Award

Two authors took to the stage to show us tales of overcoming addiction. Let’s recap.

Dwarven Addiction by C.R. Gardner

Are you a full blooded and bearded dwarf? Perhaps not, but even if you have some dwarf blood in your veins you’ll need to be careful handling the mystical Axe Of Gambolraeth. The axe can cause all sorts of strange gyrations bursts of song, and other very un-dwarvish behaviour.  Are you concerned about the effects Dowafu Chudoku might have on you or your loved ones?



Then read this handy guide here. After all, better safe than sorry.

MEMORANDUM by Relynn Vaughn

Open up any newspaper these days and you’ll probably find someone chastising millennials. Unguided self study is a problem, as is self suppl,y and underground clubs that enable this unsupervised, experimental behavior.

We’r talking about magic here. If you’re not sure what I mean, check out this important MEMORANDUM from the Ministry. It’s a must read for any concerned parent.

Winner Announcement

Less than a point separated first from second place in this duet of magical warnings. It was great to see both authors take on the spirit of the award and deliver tales both imaginative, funny and rich in delivery. Both worlds are accessible, despite the small word counts, which is something we love to see every week.

This week our judges picked Relynn Vaughn as first place. MEMORANDUM is worthy addition to the annals of first placed stories at NiTH, so congratulations Relynn and well done C.R. for another fantastic piece of fantasy fiction.

Feedback will go out to both authors shortly. If you’re interested in participating in Needle In The Hay, make sure you check out our current crop of exciting awards here.