Winner Announcement Fae Little Things Award

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The Fae Little Things Award asked authors to give their faeries more than just a dash of tinkerbell. Rediscovering the the critters at the bottom of the garden as more than just friendly glowworms leaving money under your pillow, our Fae don’t just take your teeth. They have some of their own.

Three is becoming a lucky number for the NiTH Shortlist lately, with a triple threat coming from three of 2015’s most competitive authors. Looking to bounce back from last week’s narrow defeat to newcomer Ela Cetin, Lydia Trethewey came out swinging with a deft tale of James, back from college, reminiscing about his youth.

Harriet, his much younger sister, seems a little too at ease with what both of them discover on the Day Mrs Higgins Cat Turned Inside out. And what follows is a chilling recount of what every older sibling fears.

And speaking of chilling accounts, Jana Winston, hungry for her first win at NiTH, took us to the cornfields of middle America with a chronologically shifting story of a little girl who just wants everyone to be happy, at any costs.

In Droppings the fae are decidedly in the background, the subtle cause of many effects. Though their motives are benign, we’re never sure who’s good, and who is evil.

Rounding out our triumvirate of story tellers, Ash Warren returns after an enforced break last week for the Warren’s Ashes Award. Keen to rise up the leaderboard, Ash brought us a story of broken promises in the form of The Taken.

Written as a monologue from a jealous faerie. The Taken is a dark tale of jealousy and vanity, of innocence and innocence lost. Ash has a knack for capturing the voice of a character, and in this short tale he makes the unnamed and unreliable narrator his own.

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to all three shortlisted authors this week. The Fae Little Things Award was a tightly contest award with some great stories in the mix, and to all those who didn’t make the shortlist, keep plugging away.

Our winner this week is consistently on the top of their game, showing a willingness to dive into every story with a fearlessness that belies a real craftsmanship and broad understanding of story telling.

Congratulations to Ash Warren, his story, The Taken, is our winner this week!

As always all short listed authors receive feedback from our judges by request, and to give some of our most consistent judges the thanks they deserve, we’ll be acknowledging long-term judges as the experts they are later in the week.

Coming up tomorrow, a short list with a decidedly similiar theme. Authors are asked to write from the POV of an antagonist in a horror story. It’s gonna be a blood bath!