It was neck and neck right up until the finish, taking out the FAREWELL HIROSHI by a single point, lets congratulate

Nathan Boole

Nathan’s second win in as many competitions. Here’s what some of the judges had to say:

 “Empathising with a video game character is no mean feat. Imaginative and very clever! Suspense kept up until the very end.” -M

“…what really impressed me about this was the use of “dialogue only”.  It’s very difficult to convey emotion, tone, intention, etc… without being able to interject all those “she said, looking blah blah blah…” into the conversation.  Even a movie script will have direction notes between lines.” -A

(on describing how much they like the story.) “I fumble to find the appropriate adjective.” -V

So congrats Nathan. A blistering comeback to the competition after nearly a six month break.

Stay tuned guys, another award will be up shortly.





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